I would like to take this opportunity to share with you my vision for the future. I believe that above all, education must be about opening doors for youngsters and then keeping them open. My vision for Plantsbrook is one in which children develop into rounded young adults with a love of learning and a desire to succeed. I see children who are actively involved in school life, who respect themselves and others and who want to be the best that they can be... 

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  • RT @acplantsbrook: Molly, Alex, Roger and James discovering the interior angles of polygons. https://t.co/4k65FHTiFI 2 days ago
  • RT @keen4geography: Y12 geographers have arrived safely in Dorset 🌊 @PlantbrkSchool 2 days ago
  • RT @thelearninghead: Lovely cakes baked by our lovely staff!#RedNoseDay #comicrelief @PlantbrkSchool https://t.co/ooxfrV5Tw5 2 days ago
  • RT @thelearninghead: Miss Stamoulis communicating only through the medium of an accordion for the day #comicrelief @PlantbrkSchool https://… 2 days ago
  • RT @teamrandall_pb: What a brilliant bunch of mature, polite students to take on a trip. Well done y10! My fave little fella! @PlantbrkScho… 2 days ago