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    Welcome to the parents area of the website. We recognise that finding information quickly on websites can be difficult. This section is aimed at providing essential information to parents.

    School Day

    Plantsbrook School runs on a two week timetable, with no change to the times of the day between Week 1 and Week 2. The format is as follows:

    • 08:40 Registration
    • 09:00 Period 1
    • 10:00 Period 2
    • 11:00 Break
    • 11:20 Period 3
    • 12:20 Period 4
    • 13:20 Lunch
    • 14:05 Period 5
    • 15:05 End of day


    The school will provide an annual written report on your child’s progress. You will also receive progress reports at other points during the year. Teachers may also contact you about particular matters of concern or might write a comment in your child’s organiser.  You should feel free to do the same. Consultation with parents on whole school issues is normally done through discussions at PTA meetings and through the school newsletter which every child receives fortnightly on a Friday and which is also available on the website or via email.  Parents also have access to SIMS Learning Gateway to monitor student attendance, punctuality, behaviour and achievements.  All parents should have a username and password. Please contact should you have any issues with SIMS Learning Gateway.


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