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    School Uniform - From September 2017

    As you will be aware, we are very excited to be moving in to our new school building in September. This provides us with many opportunities to review and strengthen our current practices and our existing policies. We would like to share with you our new Uniform Policy and hope you will agree that it provides a clearer guide to students and parents and will allow you to confidently make the correct purchases ready for September. For further information, please see the resources below.

    Letter to Parents re Uniform

    School Uniform Policy

    Uniform Support

    Photo support to help you to see what to buy and what not to buy.

    PowerPoint Version

     Assembly on Uniform

    Assembly on Uniform Part 2 (Answering Frequently Asked Questions)


    Sixth Form Uniform – September 2017


    Black/red detailed polo shirt embroidered with school emblem (compulsory)
    • Black shorts with red/white embroidered detail (compulsory)
    • Black/red football/rugby reversible top embroidered with school emblem (compulsory)
    • Black embroidered hooded sweatshirt (optional)
    • Black tracksuit bottoms (optional)
    • Black Quarter zip training top (optional)
    • Black sports socks (compulsory)
    • Football/rugby socks - black & red (compulsory)
    • Trainers (must have non-marking sole)
    • Football boots and shin pads (compulsory)
    • Gum shield (optional)
    ·    Black/red detailed polo shirt embroidered with school emblem (compulsory)
    ·    Black shorts or skort with white/red embroidered detail (compulsory)
    ·    Black embroidered hooded sweatshirt (compulsory)
    ·    Black/red T-Shirt (optional)
    ·    Black/red stripe sports leggings (optional)
    ·    Black tracksuit bottoms (optional)
    ·    Black quarter zip training top (optional)
    ·    Black sports socks (compulsory)
    ·    Football/rugby socks - black & red (compulsory)
    ·    Trainers (must have non-marking sole)
    ·    Football boots (compulsory)
    ·    Shin guards (compulsory)


    PE kit is available to purchase from The Uniform Hub and Clive Marks and will be available to order on the Open Evening. PE kit can also be personalised with your child's name for a small additional cost. Again, please see The Uniform Hub and Clive Marks for further details.
    Please ensure all uniform is named.
    The only jewellery we allow is one pair of small stud earrings.



    Uniform Hub Boys Order Form

    Uniform Hub Boys Order Form


    Forms are also available from the Finance Office.
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